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 Apologies and communication

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PostSubject: Apologies and communication   Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:32 pm

Hey boys (and girls, if there are any here),

I know I do this once every quarter or so, but I'll do it again. I've been SLAMMED with work over the last couple months (thanks to a stock market that hasn't been very pretty).

I was disappointed to see that there was a rather long thread about issues of posters fighting.

Please feel free to DM me if you're having any issues. I can't promise I'll ban your enemy, of course, but I'd be happy to take a look and see if any actions should be taken.

Sorry again for being so out of the loop lately.

Let's close with a monster class on NSD.

Go Blue!

"I don't get sick. I don't observe major holidays. I'm a jackhammer." - Jim Harbaugh & Dwight Schrute
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Apologies and communication
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