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 Warde Manuel press conference

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PostSubject: Warde Manuel press conference   Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:03 pm

He will start March 14th

thanking his family

Thanked Jim Hackett, thank you to UCONN family

Thanked Jim Delany

Biggest influences on him: his dad and Bo

it was 30yrs ago this week he committed to Bo before signing day.

Thanking Lloyd Carr, the coaches & the players he played for while student-athlete at Michigan.

Joking with Coach Hutchins, sounds like when WM was a student at M, he watered softball field. He told Coach H I'm the one that flooded your field one time. Received some good laughs!

when approached by search committee about his interest: WM said hell yea!!! then

Taking questions from press:

Asked about stability about program: If President MS would let him sign a 20yr contract he would. more laughs! Sounds like this is this is his last job (Of course you can never say never)

asked about relationship with JH: we have a bond hard to explain, JH was my capt. when I was a frosh. I wanted to tackle him in practice, but they wouldn't let me. JH came up to stage, gave WM a big hug and presented him with a M jersey, name & #79, WM joked I use to be able to fit into this jersey. Teased Jamie Morris no jokes about how big I am.

Any challenges: Need to understand program, get to know the culture sounds like he wants to meet with students, faculty & donors. Of course meet with coaches.

Nothing earth shattering, all the laughs he received sounds like he has a sense of humor. My first thoughts: M found the right man!!

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Warde Manuel press conference
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