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 Michigan defeats the Badgers!

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PostSubject: Michigan defeats the Badgers!   Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:34 am

its 1:30am, I'm watching Boise St./Utah St. Yes, I love college football!!! I'll offer my 2 cents on M/Wisc. game.

GREAT: Defense was fantastic!!! Badgers 71yds on 28 carries=2.5yds/carry. 159 total yds. Lewis, one of the best I've seen. I know the arguement it was 4th down, just knock it down, M takes over at 8yd line.

REALLY UGLY: Field goal kicking. On 3rd miss I'm thinking Badgers will fine a way to score, we're going to lose 10-7 or 14-7. Allen has missed 4 of last 5, that's really bad! Then one of my college room mates, his son, Ryan Tice, misses a kick. (He makes it, I was counting on free pizza & beer at his restaurant Pizza House!) Anyway maybe need to give Quinn Nordin a chance.

GOOD/BAD: Speight, game winning TD pass was a thing of beauty! The INT that the Badgers returned to M 31yd line, that was thrown into triple coverage. I know this was discussed in other posts after Colorado game that Speight has been inconsistent. He made some nice throws, crossing routes in particular. Badger defense is good, but Speight still has work to do before he faces sparty.

VERY GOOD: The fans! It was loud from start to end, especially in 4th qtr. Think it rattled them & not that they need it but i'm sure its keeps M defense fired up.

SPECIAL TEAMS: OK: Badgers have a good punter/kicker, Peppers didn't get loose for a long run. Peppers returning kick off from endzone was a mistake, only returned it to the 14yd line. Allen did a good job on punts, 46.7yd avg. Field goals already discussed above.

OFFENSE: Red zone vs a good team, has work to do. M was driving running up middle, crossing routes, short passes, then decided to throw 2 corner routes. Keep doing whats working! Peppers at QB, liked it! I'm guessing in the future he'll either run or dare to pass? I'm guessing yes. Overall 349 total yds., pretty good. Make FGs, its an easy win.

OVERALL: A good test, a very good win vs a very good team!!! Old fashion B1G FB, low scoring, good defense, some hard hits. Thanks to friend who invited me, I was in sec. 21 row 10, could hear the pads popping. Very enjoyable to be that close to the field.

OK, Now I've switched over to UNLV/Fresno St. on CBSSN. Not to exciting, lets try UCLA/Arizona. Life of a bachelor! Very Happy cheers

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Bo 2.0


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PostSubject: Re: Michigan defeats the Badgers!   Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:54 am

WOTS (not State St. so I have no idea if this is accurate) is that Nordin is having back issues. Looking at what Coach Harbaugh has said, "He's working through something." that could validate the back injury rumor although maybe it's code for academic struggles? I have no idea, I'm just spit-balling...

Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Michigan defeats the Badgers!   Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:21 am

Pretty fair takes up there, Booboo.  A win is a win is a win...particularly vs. a fellow Top-10 unbeaten. many questions.

--Is Wisconsin really that good, or are MSU and LSU that bad? (I suspect the latter more than the former). Also: for as frisky (and potentially excellent) a youngster as Alex H. is, he sure as hell seemed to rattle easily.

--What is wrong with Kenny Allen?  Our field goal kicking must be fixed. Could be overexertion from taking on all three phases of kicking (though his other two, KOs and punts, seem fine)...could be nerves, could be a lot of things. But for a team whose special teams are now a weapon, to be in a position to lose a game we dominated statistically, due to three missed FGs...oy.

--What will become of our LT position with Grant lost?  B-B didn't look too bad, that one penalty after Shane Morris' 5-yard run notwithstanding, but is he the answer going forward?  How about Ben Bredesen?  Nice to have a true frosh who's good enough to already have seen the field this season as J B-B's backup (or replacement).  I would, however, be shocked if Jimbo and Drevno moved Mason Cole back out to LT; he's done a fine job in the middle and center/QB relationships cannot be underestimated.

Those questions (among many more) asked, we happily also got lots of pleasant answers yesterday. Like seeing Bryan Mone back...the importance another capable 310-pound body in the middle, in Big Ten play, can never be overstated. And, of course, having Jourdan not only back, but his usual peerless self. Our deep and talented rotation up front, the sudden development of LB's McCray and (!)
Peppers, and our equal-of-any secondary, suddenly boasting another corner in Stribling, add up to...well, we all saw for ourselves this D's meddle yesterday.

Go Blue!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Michigan defeats the Badgers!   Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:26 am

great gutsy performance, played 60 minutes... no surprises for me , apart from the Darboh pass , Speight still is too erratic with his long balls ... as for the kicking , surprised that Harbaugh pulled Allen and through in Tice , just go for it on 4th down ... better get that fixed or it will cost us down the road ... defense is lights out especially with Lewis and now Mone back ... offense still needs to get to another level if we think we can compete with the elite
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PostSubject: Re: Michigan defeats the Badgers!   

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Michigan defeats the Badgers!
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