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PostSubject: Prediction   Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:36 pm

I'll go first, here's my 2 cents,

OFFENSE: $64,000 dollar question of course who's playing QB? Speight has practiced this week. Can he go & play with any pain he still might be in? Don't play not to lose. Yes I understand playing field position sometimes is needed, but can't run the vanilla offense they ran vs IU and expect to win. Sure if Smith & RBs are having a field day then stick with whats working, but if not can't be stubborn, can't be in 3rd & 6 or 7 constantly & expect to win. Use Peppers also use him as a decoy. But him at WR presume OSU would double team him, OK then run or pass to opposite side.

DEFENSE: OSU not the greatest vertical passing team & M has fantastic DB/CB/FSs. Don't let buckeye passing game beat you. Make Barrett one dimensional. Stay aggressive!

SPECIAL TEAMS: Capt. obvious, need Peppers to have a big game! And of course don't give up the big play.

Be aggressive but be smart! Bush had the late hit on Iowa punter & was thrown out. Can't be stupid like that. Yes its a rivalry trash talking happens, but can't get the unsportsmanlike penalty & keep drives going!

Barrett's good, he's going to make plays. But I think defense can come up big with stops & can limit OSU to FGs. Offense comes up with a long TD pass to Darboh or Chesson, see Smith, McDOOM, Evans & Peppers having a good/very good day.

This is a senior team, the Buckeyes are younger. Time to step up! M scores under 4mins. left & defense comes up with a big stop.

Michigan-24 Ohio State-20

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PostSubject: Re: Prediction   Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:32 pm

Wish that I could be so optimistic. I hope that artist has infiltrated my mind and that's the only reason why I don't see Michigan winning. I certainly hope that I am wrong and they do win. Got into a slight argument today with a butteye which caused me to look at the rivalry in my lifetime, 19-21-1 (plus 1 game vacated by o$u in 2012). That's a fairly even rivalry...

Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cheers

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