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 Cripes, STUPID ME...

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Cripes, STUPID ME... Empty
PostSubject: Cripes, STUPID ME...   Cripes, STUPID ME... EmptyFri Mar 23, 2018 7:18 am

After watching the first half, best exemplified by the halftime announcer ("Michigan may have missed ONE shot in the first half, but I must have been blinking 'cos I didn't see it!!!"), I said to myself, GEEZ, what if COMPLACENCY sets in?  (Didn't Nevada erase a 22-point deficit in their earlier game?)

Then, I reminded myself who our COACH is, who would be speaking to our men in that locker room, and realized what a dumb ass, or DUMMERASEL (can't type umlauts here, Moe) I was to even entertain such a fear!!!

PLEASE, Coach, PUT OFF RETIREMENT for at least a few more!!!

Aside: re: Chas. "Fat Face" Barkley. Whilst I'm hoping his "new" bracket sees him scribble in "FSU" tomorrow,as it did "A&M" last night, I have to credit the man for rightly picking it would come down to"A 3-pt shooting contest for counter A&M's inside game." At least he had a micro-LICK of
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Cripes, STUPID ME...
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