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 Anyone hear Beilein on The HUGE show?

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PostSubject: Anyone hear Beilein on The HUGE show?   Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:32 am

It was another great interview.

If you don't know who HUGE is he's just a state of michigan talking head. He's more Michigan than msu but tends to stay fair for the sparties.

Anyway John was talking about leadership and teamwork. He said the team has levels of leadership. One level is some guys and another level has other guys. He didn't really elaborate but I imagined leaders on the floor and leaders in the weight room, classroom, team clown, etc....

Then HUGE asked him about Sister Jean. He reminded Huge that he attended a Jesuit high school and coached for 14 years at a Jesuit school. So he told Huge that they were looking for a way to counteract Sister Jean. He said there were literally hundreds of emails, tweets, texts and whatnot to the school saying they were a priest/nun and big Michigan fan and wants to be our inspiration. He said, "several have called me directly." This floored Huge. He asked, how did you know if they were real or just trying to get in on the hype? John said "I knew every one of them personally!!!!"


So, then they were talking and John said that being a good Catholic he went to Palm Sunday mass after winning the game Sayerday. He said suddenly his phone was blowing up. Of course, he's in church right, so he's ignoring it. Finally after several minutes of it blowing up he looked at it and immediately saw a picture of his brand new grandson. He said he and his wife cried right there.

Now that's great stuff.

"What the HELL's going on out here?"
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone hear Beilein on The HUGE show?   Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:27 am

You know, Joe (and all)...I'm not sure our great University was EVER represented by a finer human being...SERIOUSLY.
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Anyone hear Beilein on The HUGE show?
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