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 New rules for Red Shirts and Transfers

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PostSubject: New rules for Red Shirts and Transfers   Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:16 pm

New rules came down allowing players to play in the first 4 games of the year and still redshirt. This is huge! the first 4 weeks can be a sort of a "try out" for freshmen. If they aren't quite ready they can redshirt. It also allows young guys to play special teams for a few games and get that experience. This is a good thing in a lot of ways.

Other rule is for transfers.

As soon as any player goes to his school and tells them he wants to transfer they have 2 days to put the player's name in the database which allows other teams to contact said player.

Not certain how that one will work out. There are differing sides. Some think it'll be all out free agency but guys will still have to sit a year. The NFL will find you if you're good. How many good players will leave a place after their freshman or sophomore years knowing they'll have to sit a year? I would think they'd stay where they are and go pro early.

BIggest thing it does is allow players that want to transfer to talk to as many other places as they want and do it "legally".

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PostSubject: Re: New rules for Red Shirts and Transfers   Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:03 am

It isn't just the first 4 games, it is any 4 games the way I read it.

College athletes competing in Division I football can participate in up to four games in a season without using a season of competition, the Division I Council decided this week at its meeting in Indianapolis.
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New rules for Red Shirts and Transfers
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