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PostSubject: Roundtree   Roundtree EmptyTue Aug 07, 2018 1:06 pm

Loved the Mlive article. First thing Roy said was that the wos weren't getting separation. No kidding! Yes the QBs struggled last year and the OL also struggled, but if the receivers aren't getting open you're not going to complete many passes. Watching the Outback Bowl again recently, at the start of the 2d half UM had its only decent offensive drive of the game. Hit a wo screen a couple draws on the ground and some quick slants overf the middle to the wos. Marched right down the field and scored UM's only TD of the game. Never saw that play calling again in the game. Yes the SC DBs started locking down but that's when you fake the slant and go deep.

Watched the rerun of the UF Fsu 1996 Sugar Bowl. A month earlier FSU had whipped Uf in Tally by hitting Weurffel on every play. Questionable non calls for roughing. Even Bowden said FSU was hitting "until the echo" of the whistle. So what does Spurrier do? He keeps in an extra blocker but also throws within a second or two on all the passing plays. No deep drops or long developing patterns. He had some great WOS to be sure and Weurffel was a very accurate if not strong passer. UF spread FSU and forced one on one coverages. The first play of the game was a 50 yard pass where Weurfell laid it up after a couple seconds and let Reidel Anthony run under it. UF did that the whole game mixing short and deep balls all with quick drops. UF won something like 52-20.

No question Spurrier was an offensive genius, but UM's offensive game plans, with a couple exceptions and except under RR, have been pretty vanilla for the past 15-20 years. OF course while RR's teams could score they couldn't play D. Not saying UM should go back to the RR days, but we need an OC who can analyze what the opposing D is doing both in the film room and during the game and take advantage of it. Fisch showed some of that but he's gone.

Anyway I am cautiously optimistic that the receiver play will be better and UM will be able to throw the ball this year.
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