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 This game was not as close as it appeared

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PostSubject: This game was not as close as it appeared   Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:02 pm

UM scored on their last 6 possessions. A lot of ticky tack calls and the targeting against Hudson was bullshit as was the roughing the passer against Hutchinson.

UM worked on the passing game today.

Also Evans is not an every down back. He dances around to much instead of hitting the hole.
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PostSubject: Re: This game was not as close as it appeared   Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:47 am

Agree on those points, Fish. And have a few to add:

(1) The defense suffered a few big-time breakdowns. But in addition to discrediting the secondary play, shouldn't we CREDIT James Proche a bit more?  One helluva receiver wasted in a mediocre program.

(2) I can't help but think our middling performance for 1-2/3 quarters against 0-3 SMU was our   MINDSET. How in hell could the coaches have gotten the team UP to face, at home, a 5-TD underdog
which lost its first two by 23 and 30 points?

(3) I STILL think we pulled an OSU-in-OT-in-2016 on that spot on 4th and 1 foot at midfield with the game tied 7-7. Evans definitely looked short from my vantage point. If SMU gets the call, who knows?
(Conversely, if SMU takes over, perhaps the rest of Fate would have unfolded as did, and Mettelus' pick-6 would have been all the move vital, breaking a 7-7 tie just before the half, rather than putting us in control 21-7).

(4) Speaking of Evans, his overall performance made me realize how much we missed Karan.

(5) What our D-line (and team overall) could use is a handful more CHASE WINOVICHES. The guy NEVER gives less then 110%. Could be a factor of the attention Rashan gets (double teamed often), but Chase takes FULL ADVANTAGE, every play.

(6) Finally, after two LIVE games under his belt, Shea is looking every bit as good as his press clippings. Not only on the ultra-soft feathers to DPJ (great HE'S coming along, too), but in the number of plays he EXTENDED, making short gains out of 8-yard losses.
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This game was not as close as it appeared
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