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  1. sandyeggo_blue
    Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:59 pm
    Message by sandyeggo_blue - 247 info
    First saw it on 247 on the 2014 Recruiting thread board. I think it started on about page 737. Basically a guy posted this, "Came across some interesting Da'Shawn Hand info. It is quite juicy. Sharing it on here is another story, but my confidence level WRT Hand and Michigan is now at an all time high."

    Then he told another poster to check his PMĀ  and that guy replied with simple "freaking out" emoticon. The thing to note is that these are both long time and fairly respected posters.

    Then a few guys started to speculate. Then it blew up into a big deal because a PM went out to a few and they all went nuts. But then the original guy with the info basically said, I'm not going to say anything until Steve Lorenz confirms or denies.

    So basically I'm waiting for Steve Lorenz to get to the bottom of it and update his "What I know article on Da'Shawn" article. I've been reading that board long enough to know that if they involve Steve then it's definitely something solid enough to look at and not brush off.

    It should be noted that this also comes right on the heels of Sam Webb's pod cast where Da'Shawn called him during his show and when Sam got back on air he said it was basically all great news for UM. I saw that scout today released that chat transcript but I don't have access to it because it's pay-walled.

    The other thing is that that people on buckeye boards are speculating that he's a UM silent commit. Now I don't know enough about those posters and whether or not they are basing that off of inside info but it just seems odd to me that O$U boards of all places are saying he's a silent right now. They don't seem happy about it either.
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