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 It's typical...

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It's typical... Empty
PostSubject: It's typical...   It's typical... EmptyMon Oct 22, 2018 6:41 am

Referring to ESPN's "Top 10 CFB plays" of the weekend: MSU's multiple-reverse scoring play to Lewerke at No.8 (or 7), even though we gift-wrapped the field position (only way they'd have scored all day)...and Shea-to-Donovan 79-yard TD pass not even listed.

No QB living could have thrown that ball [over that distance] any better. And DPJ not only stepped out of a tackle, but kept his feet in-bounds.

To say nothing of the CONDITIONS in which both performed their highlight-reel act. And I refer not only to the weather...but to the EMOTIONAL situation, total control of the stat sheet, but tied on the scoreboard, momentum swinging to MSU, and forced to start at your own 21.
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It's typical...
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