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 Gameday - Indiana

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Gameday - Indiana Empty
PostSubject: Gameday - Indiana   Gameday - Indiana EmptySat Feb 27, 2021 9:52 am

This one is probably close for much of the first but Michigan will pull away in the second half.

Indiana has absolutely imploded on themselves in their last two games in the second half.

They don't have the players to match Austin and Hunter. Michigan should score a ton in the paint today. Also look for a very lopsided rebounds margin in the box score when this is over.

The  spread opened at Mich -10.5 but this morning it's down to -8.5. The OU of 138.5. Pick Michigan -10.5 and bet the over because this is going to be a rout.

Last 3 head to head Mich is 3-0 and also 3-0 ATS. The last three games are 2/1 on the OU.

After the last two wins against two of the best teams in the nation I'm not really sure if there is anything I want to see today. I guess I's like to see extremely low turnovers today but at this point I really think that I've seen everything I've wanted/needed to see from this team.

SIDE NOTE: Today the girl's softball team plays  their second double header in as many days. They take on Iowa today. Yesterday in the first game of the season and the first of a double header against Purdue Baeubien pitched 7 innings gave up 1 hit and had 19Ks. Unbelievable 19Ks.

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the artist formally known

the artist formally known

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Gameday - Indiana Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gameday - Indiana   Gameday - Indiana EmptySat Feb 27, 2021 3:17 pm

So glad Dickenson paned out can't imagine where rhey would be with just Davis, Johns. Niether are evn close to dickenson.

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settle for JIM
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Gameday - Indiana
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