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 I'm channeling 'artist...

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Guy w/nothin better to do

Guy w/nothin better to do

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I'm channeling 'artist... Empty
PostSubject: I'm channeling 'artist...   I'm channeling 'artist... EmptySun Sep 12, 2021 3:39 am

Michigan's passing game is non-existent, pass defense is on life support. Run game is OK, although I question when we play the big boys. Cmac has absolutely zero pocket presence, he's gets the ball out way too slow when he does get it out. All of the screens are reminiscent of the RichClod days.

Before the year started I pegged Michigan as a 7-5 team although I had them losing to Washington. However now I'm dropping to 6-6. We have zero pass protection and even less pass defense. Michigan will lose 6 of our final 8 games.

When does hockey season start? October 2nd but that's an exhibition, but at least it's against a good/decent D1 program. Michigan typically schedules Windsor for their exhibition game, I'm impressed that they're taking on a moderate-to-big boy.

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that's some first ballot hall of fame stalking on your part. How in the world did you find that guy. I guess the better question is why?
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I'm channeling 'artist...
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