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 Hawaii/California game

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PostSubject: Hawaii/California game   Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:21 am

Cal leads 41-24 after 3rd qtr. its uptempo no huddle offense has 465yds. Hawaii is moving the ball as well, 364yds of offense, 201 passing. though don't think Cal's defense is anywhere near Michigan.

Yea don't see Hawaii hanging around to long, i don't bet on games, but if I did not sure I'd take M & the 41pts. I believe that's the betting line.

So I'm wired from to much caffeine & still pissed our HS FB team lost season opener, decided to see how far Hawaii is traveling & time difference. Now its 1am Michigan time, makes it 3pm in Sydney & its 7pm friday in Honolulu. So lets say Hawaii leaves Sydney 7pm Australian time, making it 11pm friday in Honolulu. Its 5,064 miles back home, says it about 10 & 1/2 flight. Hawaii will land back in Hawaii 10am saturday morning. Pretty cool arriving 9 hours before you left!!! (Memo to self, don't drink to much caffeine especially at night Evil or Very Mad )

Now Hawaii turns around, I'm guessing thursday, flies into Detroit, only 4,487 miles & approx. 9 & 1/2hrs. Not a math major, but that's over 9500 miles and 20 plus hours in the air. Noon kickoff in Ann Arbor so 6am Honolulu time. They may be college kids, but that much flying has to take a small toll on the body. On second thought M might cover the 41pts.

Just my 2 cents
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PostSubject: Re: Hawaii/California game   Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:11 am

Gotta admit I lol'd while reading this booboo.

I am thinking 41 points will be covered. But that's just me.

Yeah, I was doing the travel thing with my dad last night and figured 10000 miles this week and 8900 miles next week.  Even for a team that typically leads the country in travel miles that's a ton.

And also, a noon start which is 6:00am for Hawai'i.

Take Michigan and lay the points.

(edit) I was up this late too but was listening to the Cubs playing in LA. Very Happy bounce

"What the HELL's going on out here?"
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Hawaii/California game
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